Bridal Hair and Makeup

Available Friday, Saturday & Sunday Minimum to Book:

  • Bride + 4 Wedding Guests

If booking Monday – Thursday, the minimum to book will vary, based upon availability.

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  • Trial Run Wedding Hairstyling In Studio - $120
  • Trial Run Makeup In Studio - $120

In studio, we will create your perfect bridal day look step-by-step with you. We don’t recommend scheduling your trial run hair or makeup on the same day as your engagement photo shoot. Please arrive with clean, completely dry hair. We don’t provide blowouts.

Additional Hair & Makeup Services

  • Engagement Makeup - $120
  • Engagement Hairstyle - $120
  • In Studio Makeup Application - $120 (Airbrush is an additional $15)
  • In Studio Hairstyle - $120
  • Bridal Hair - $250
  • Bridal Makeup - $250

The date is booked only with a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit.

Total invoice balance is due two weeks prior to your event date.

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Bridal Hair and Makeup

Color And Highlight Services

Our professional, salon hair coloring and highlight services will have you feeling confident and sophisticated with just the right look that you need to feel your best!  We have years of experience and specialize in the latest techniques to bring you the hair enhancements you want. Our services include:


  • Root Renewal and Touch-up - If you are looking for that fresh gray-free look to your roots, then this service is exactly the treatment you need. We revitalize the 1 to 2 inch root area with fresh, perfecting hair color to restore your confidence and look. Note: If you are looking to go lighter, we recommend one of our blonding services listed below. Returning to our salon every 3 to 8 weeks is recommended to maintain your hair's root health and color.  $85+
  • Full Hair Coloring Treatment - Our signature hair color application treatment is designed for both men and women wanting to have complete hair color enhancement from tips to roots. To maintain your color, we recommend visits every 4 to 12 weeks. This service is not intended for those wishing to experience a blonde to brunette transition or vise versa. $130+


  • Partial Highlight Salon Service - This is the customary two section highlight application, to give you the texture, look and dimension while providing a luxurious, healthy sheen to your hair.  To maintain your hair's health, highlight and beauty, we recommend visiting our salon every 4 to 8 weeks. $165+
  • Full Highlight Salon Service - This is our full, four section highlight application, which provides the greatest coverage along with the texture, look and dimension to give your hair the luxurious health and sheen you want. Included is our salon luxury gloss treatment. Root taps and shadow are not included.  To maintain your hair's health, highlight and beauty, we recommend visiting our salon every 4 to 12 weeks depending on your individual requirements. $230+


  • Partial Blonding Salon Service - This is our modern, strategically applied balayage or foil treatment that includes smudging of the roots or a reinforcing melt to maintain your perfect blonding. We recommend visiting our salon every 8 to 12 weeks to maintain your hair's blonding, health and appeal. $200+
  • Full Blonding Salon Service - This treatment is specifically for our new or existing clients who want to experience a complete blonding transformation. This complete service includes balayage, foils, lowlights, tip outs, root melts and our luxurious, deep penetrating gloss. Several salon visits may be required in order to obtain the perfect level of blonding, depending on where you are starting from, the health of your hair, and your blonding transition goals. To maintain your new look, we recommend you visit our salon every 2 to 6 months to maintain your hair's health, highlight and beauty. $300+
  • Lighter Contrasting Service - If you are troubled by dark shades, and want to go lighter, this salon restorative/corrective blonding service will provide you with the results you desire. We will remove the dark, copper or red tones from the shades in your hair and give you the lighter, beautiful blonde shades you seek. This service may require more than one visit in order to perfect the look you are after. $400+
  • Darker Contrasting Service - Specifically for our salon clients that want to transition to a natural, dimensional brunette shade while maintaining the health, sheen and beauty of your hair.  This service may require more than one visit in order to perfect the look you are after. $250+

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Women's and Men's Salon Haircut Service

Marjan Beauty RTZ Salon provides the latest sophistication in creating the perfect balance between form and function, giving you the look, feel and confidence to be your best self! Let our stylists perfect your look with the perfect foundational hair cut and length adjustment while integrating the seamless look and feel you desire. We will consult with you and provide the perfect results!

  • Woman's Salon Haircut - $80 -$120
  • Men's Salon Haircut - $50 - $80

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Men / Women Haircut
Hair Treatments

Keratin Hair Treatments

Keratin is the protein that helps strengthen hair to help prevent breakage, reverse heat damage and frizzyness. Keratin is vitally important for maintaining strong and healthy hair, adding extra sheen while reducing frizzyness, and split ends by joining the follicles back together, leaving a silky-smooth, luxurious hair texture.

  • Keratin Hair Treatments starting at - $250+

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